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50 West Gay Street   
Columbus, OH 43215-9040   
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Economic Development
150 South Front Street
Suite 220  
Columbus, OH 43215-4418  
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Housing Division  
50 West Gay Street  
Columbus, OH 43215-9040  
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Land Redevelopment Division   
845 Parsons Avenue    
Columbus, OH 43206-9030   
(614) 645.5263   
(614) 645-6675  [FAX]  

Planning Division   
50 West Gay Street   
Columbus, OH 43215-9030   
(614) 724.4437 
(614) 645.6675 [FAX] - learn more

On March 18, 2020, Mayor Andrew Ginther declared a State of Emergency in the City of Columbus. While basic city services will continue, some services will be limited during the public health emergency. We ask your patience during this time.

The Land Bank Program will continue processing online applications for the sale of lots and community garden licenses, please submit an application at

For property maintenance issues, please email us at [email protected], submit an online 311 request, or call us at 614-645-5263.  Be sure to identify the Land Bank parcel that needs attention.  

Land Bank, putting properties back into productive use The City's Land Bank Office works with the Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation to bring vacant properties back into productive use in Columbus neighborhoods. - learn more

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Land Redevelopment Applications

Properties are only sold through an application to the Land Redevelopment Division. The specific application required will depend on the individual property and the intended use.

Applications include: 

  1. Application to Purchase Land Bank Property for Renovation and Addenda
  2. Application to Purchase Land Bank Property for New Construction and Addenda
  3. Application to Purchase a Land Bank Lot a Side Yard including Improve to Own and Addenda
  4. Application an Annual License of Vacant Land Bank Lot as a Community Garden / Beautification Project and Addenda
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Columbus Land Bank

Columbus Land Bank FAQ The Land Redevelopment Division will consider requests to donate properties into the Land Bank on a case by case basis.  Properties must be cleared of all liens, including property taxes, and have marketable title.  Depending on the availability of funds, the Land Bank may consider structures in need of demolition.  Please contact the Land Redevelopment Division main line at (614) 645-LAND (5263). - learn more

Community Gardens2

Community Gardens The City of Columbus Land Redevelopment Office is looking for community groups, non-profits, companies, and individuals to help organize and build community gardens on Land Bank properties. In a typical year, around 50 parcels are used by various community groups, individuals, garden clubs, businesses, and neighbors. Urban agriculture projects, rain gardens, community beautification projects and other types of projects that benefit the surrounding neighborhood are encouraged. - learn more

Property Search, Maps & Apply Online

Property Search, Maps & Apply Online The City of Columbus Land Bank's New Property Search, Maps & Online Application Submittal Page - learn more

Vacant and Abandoned Properties

Vacant and Abandoned Properties The Vacant and Abandoned Property Initiative (VAP) is a three point program that outlines a plan of attack to address the increase in vacant and abandoned houses in Columbus neighborhoods. - learn more


Redevelopment Assistance Programs The City of Columbus Housing Division offers redevelopment funding, property tax abatements, and lead safe grants to qualified for profit and nonprofit developers to help create affordable housing through new construction and rehabilitation of current housing stock. - learn more