Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel

The Big Darby Accord is a multi-jurisdictional plan covering the Franklin County portion of the nationally recognized Big Darby Watershed. A fundamental goal of the Accord is to ensure that the zoning and site development review processes are fair and consistent throughout the planning area. The Panel shares responsibility with the local governing jurisdiction to review and render advisory, non-binding opinions on zoning applications and site development plans in terms of conformance with the Accord Plan. Each jurisdiction continues to be responsible for final plan approval or denial for proposals in their area. Panel membership is comprised of appointees from partner jurisdictions.

The Franklin County Department of Economic Development and Planning hosts an extensive website with plan documents, application information, schedule and other resources. Big Darby Accord Website.

Those looking to submit an application for review by the Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel should refer to the Information for Applicants resource for details on the process. The blank application form is linked below.

Meetings and Calendar:

Meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Franklin County Courthouse, 369 S. High Street, 1st Floor, Meeting Room #1 at 1:30 p.m.

Please note: Meeting dates and locations are subject to change or cancellation. You are encouraged to contact the Planning Division for confirmation.

Additional information on how to participate or view a meeting as well as requesting meeting accommodations can be found here.


For Development Inquiries, please contact the Planning Information line at (614) 724-4437 or via email at [email protected]

For all other inquiries please contact:
Hunter Rayfield  Planner II 
[email protected]


2023 Big Darby Schedule | ApplicationGuidelines |  Bylaws |  Member Roster  |  Conservation Open Space Definition

  • Upcoming
  • Past
Meeting Date Title Application Deadline Agenda
6/13/2023 1:30pm BDAAP June 2023 Meeting 5/15/2023
7/11/2023 1:30pm BDAAP July 2023 Meeting 6/12/2023
8/08/2023 1:30pm BDAAP August 2023 Meeting 7/10/2023
9/12/2023 1:30pm BDAAP September 2023 Meeting 8/14/2023
10/10/2023 1:30pm BDAAP October 2023 Meeting 9/11/2023
11/14/2023 1:30pm BDAAP November 2023 Meeting 10/16/2023
12/12/2023 1:30pm BDAAP December 2023 Meeting 11/13/2023
Meeting Date Title Application Deadline Agenda Results/ Minutes
5/09/2023 BDAAP May 2023 Meeting (CANCELLED) 4/10/2023
4/11/2023 BDAAP April 2023 Meeting (CANCELLED) 3/13/2023
3/14/2023 BDAAP March 2023 Meeting 2/13/2023 Download
2/14/2023 BDAAP February 2023 Meeting (CANCELLED) 1/16/2023
1/10/2023 BDAAP January 2023 Meeting 12/12/2022 Download Download
12/13/2022 BDAAP December 2022 (CANCELLED) 11/16/2022 Download
11/08/2022 BDAAP November 2022 (CANCELLED) 10/12/2022
10/11/2022 BDAAP October 2022 (CANCELLED) 9/14/2022
9/13/2022 BDAAP September 2022 (CANCELLED) 8/17/2022
8/09/2022 BDAAP August 2022 (CANCELLED) 7/13/2022
7/12/2022 BDAAP July 2022 (CANCELLED) 6/15/2022
6/14/2022 BDAAP June 2022 (CANCELLED) 5/18/2022