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Director Kathy Owens
90 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Office :  614-645-8200
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Monday - Friday 8:00-5:00

Finance Director's Finance and Management is led by Director Kathy Owens and Deputy Directors Christopher Long, James Bond, and Eric Russell. Select learn more for details. - Learn More

2011 City of Columbus Budget

Printed copies of the 2011 Budget can be obtained from the

  Department of Finance and Management, located at 90 West Broad Street, 4th floor.


                                       2011 Budget Cover  

Cover Letter •  Cover Page •  Table of Contents •  Introduction •  Mayor's Goals 

Community Profile •  Financial Overview •  Financial Policies •  Accounting 

City Council • Auditor •  Treasurer •  City Attorney •  Municipal Court Judges 

Municipal Court Clerk •  Civil Service •  Public Safety •  Mayor's Office 

Community Relations •  Equal Business Opportunity •  Building and Zoning 

Development •  Finance and Management •  Human Resources •  Technology 

Public Health •  Recreation and Parks •  Public Service •  Public Utilities 

General Fund •  CDBG Fund •  Special Revenue Fund •  Internal Service Fund 

Enterprise Funds •  All Funds Summary •  Capital Summary