Annexations Overview



Please be advised that the City of Columbus considers each proposed annexation on a case-by-case basis.  A variety of technical and policy matters are considered as part of a preliminary review process.  The availability of utilities, a shared boundary, or private development plans do not automatically constitute a basis for annexation.  Annexation also requires City Council approval.  For more information regarding a preliminary annexation review, contact Annexation Inquiries at [email protected]  or (614) 645-2144. 

Municipal annexation is the territorial expansion of a municipality's corporate boundaries.  In Ohio, the process of annexation is regulated by the  Ohio Revised Code (chapter 709)  and is administered locally by the County in which the property is located. 
Timing of the annexation process requires that applicants initiate review by the City prior to formal application with the County.  The City of Columbus considers all annexation petitions on a case by case basis.  The  Annexation Process Outline (see links below) provides the steps typically involved in annexing territory to Columbus.  Applicants must contact the appropriate county for information regarding additional process requirements.
Please note that annexation impacts a property's real estate tax obligations, electoral status, availability of municipal services, and school district status among other things.  It is important for applicants to be informed about these issues prior to moving forward with an inquiry.

Annexation Inquiries | (614) 645-2144 | [email protected]

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