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Snow and Ice Control

The purpose of the City of Columbus Snow and Ice Control Plan is to allocate trained personnel, proper equipment and adequate materials to provide Passable Roadways that allow for safe traveling conditions on roadways. Passable Roadways are defined as roadway conditions that allow for traffic movement on a safe driving surface, with a reasonable amount of inconvenience due to current and recent weather conditions. A passable roadway should not be mistaken for a “bare pavement” goal.  
  • City of Columbus Snow & Ice Plan (Printable Version)
  • The Plan’s Major Objectives
  • City Roadway Types
  • What to Expect During a Winter Weather Event
  • Winter Weather Event Equipment, Materials and Staffing
  • Warrior Watch and Social Media
  • Residents and Businesses Roles:  Shoveling sidewalks and driveways
  • Additional Ways Residents Can Help
  • Driving Tips