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Zoning Inquiries
Email: [email protected]

Rezoning and variances
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Office: 614-645-4522

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Chief Zoning Official
Shannon Pine

Code Development: 
Paul Freedman, Manager

Commercial Zoning Clearance:
Nick Bezanson, Interim Manager

Residential Zoning Clearance:
Christine Leed, Manager

Public Hearings - BZA and Graphics:
Jamie Freise, Manager

Public Hearings - Rezoning and Council Variances: 
Tim Dietrich, Interim Manager

Zoning Confirmation Letters

Zoning Confirmation Letters

Zoning confirmation letter process summary
A zoning confirmation letter is not a rebuild letter. The City of Columbus cannot issue rebuild letters as these are a matter of legal interpretation of city code for consideration by private counsel.  

A zoning confirmation letter will only confirm the current zoning of a property and provide reference to the applicable controlling zoning code section or city ordinance.

Request for a zoning confirmation letter
To initiate a request for a zoning confirmation letter, you must submit a written request and mail it, along with payment, made payable to the city of Columbus Treasurer, to the address noted below. In order to avoid errors, the request should include a property's parcel identification number, street address, and the name and mailing address of the requester.

The minimum fee for this service is fifty ($50.00) dollars and must be paid in advance . Additional fees may apply. Requests are completed in the order that they are received. 

Requests and prepayments should be mailed to Zoning Letters - Building and Zoning Services, 111 N. Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215.  All checks should be made payable to the Columbus City Treasurer and the parcel identification number or a copy of the requesting information.

Please note that we do not accept emailed requests for zoning confirmation letters.

Additional information
A response to questions of a property's current compliance with existing building and zoning regulations requires submission of a Building Permit Application that requests zoning clearance accompanied by sealed drawings by an architect or engineer and the associated fees. A complete listing of submission requirements is available. 

For a property record search for any outstanding code violations, a certified letter, or certificate of occupancy please complete a records research form and contact [email protected] or (614) 645-6082 for fees and specific requirements.