Background Removal Standards

H - Illegal Substances

Substance Abuse

Applicants will be removed from the eligibility list for any of the following reasons:

  1. Any use or purchase of drugs of abuse (except marijuana) within three (3) years before application. Drugs of abuse include chemical agents/solvent-based substances and prescription drugs taken for reasons other than intended use, in more than one incident and without a prescription, especially Schedule I, II and III drugs as defined by the Ohio Revised Code.

  2. Any use, purchase, or cultivation of marijuana within one (1) year before application or any time during the selection process.

  3. Any illegal manufacture or sale of drugs of abuse, marijuana or prescriptive drugs. If the substance was sold without profit to the applicant, the amount sold was de minimus, and the sales occurred when the applicant was a juvenile or more than five (5) years ago, then the above Rule shall be negated.

Note: For the purposes of this standard, the “purchase” of marijuana or other illegal drugs include those purchases made by pooling of resources or money by the applicant and others for substances for their own use.