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Zoning Inquiries
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Rezoning and variances
(Zoning Public Hearings)
Office: 614-645-4522

Section managers

Chief Zoning Official
Shannon Pine

Code Development: 
Paul Freedman, Manager

Commercial Zoning Clearance:
Nick Bezanson, Manager

Residential Zoning Clearance:
Christine Palmer, Manager

Public Hearings - BZA and Graphics:
Jamie Freise, Manager

Public Hearings - Rezoning and Council Variances: 
Tim Dietrich, Manager

The delineation of districts and the establishment of regulations governing the use, placement, spacing, and size of land and buildings. Zoning provides guidelines for setbacks, height of structures, lot sizes, lot coverage, parking and other requirements. Zoning also regulates the types of land uses permitted on a property.

The purpose of zoning is to:   

  * Protect health, safety and welfare of the public
  * Ensure the orderly, manageable, and predictable growth of the city
  * Assist with the implementation of community planning goals
  * Separate conflicting land uses
  * Regulate land uses to achieve and maximize public benefits

Zoning Variances and Rezoning:   

  *  Development Commission     
  *  Board of Zoning Adjustment     
  *  Council Variance 
  *  Graphic Commission 
  *  Rezoning and variance case log 
  *  Zoning Confirmation Letters      ("rebuild letters" cannot be issued)

General Zoning Information The Zoning Code regulates the type of activity that may occur within specific geographic areas of the city. - learn more

Zoning Variances & Rezoning Here you will find case logs and commissions. - learn more

Zoning Clearance Zoning clearance determines if an application is in conformance with the provisions of the Zoning Code or as permitted by a variance, special permit or decision from an appeal. - learn more