Plan Review, Permits and Inspections


Inspection services validate that work performed complies with the scope detailed in the permit description and approved plans. The types of inspections vary depending upon the nature of the project. Before a permit can be completed and closed, all required inspections must be approved.

Most permits include a certain number of inspections, called inspection trips, with the purchase of permit. However, in the event of an inspection failure, or for other reasons, it may be necessary to purchase additional inspection trips. This can be accomplished in person or online by clicking purchase now. Inspections are divided into 4 disciplines: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Structural. The Building Inspection Manager for all 4 disciplines is Dave Daniel. He can be reached at 614-645-8445, emailed: or faxed: 614-645-8358. 

Request an inspection by phone, fax or online. Inspections requested prior to 4PM are scheduled for the following business day. To contact Inspection Scheduling by phone 614-645-5698 or contact the
Inspection Scheduling  Supervisor: Val Robinson by Phone: 614-645-0805

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Request an inspection onlineor To cancel a scheduled Inspection: 
Phone: 614-645-7847 and Fax: 614-645-2099  

Electrical Electrical inspections are necessary to ensure that electrical wiring, equipment and systems are installed in accordance with code requirements that are intended to safeguard health, safety and welfare of building occupants. - learn more

Mechanical Mechanical inspections are necessary for determining that mechanical appliances, equipment and systems are installed in accordance with code - learn more

Plumbing The Plumbing inspection section ensures that plumbing-related systems are constructed pursuant to all applicable codes to ensure the health and safety of city residents and visitors. - learn more

Structural This department performs all inspections related to general building trades, structural, fire suppression involving a sprinkler system and fire-alarm systems not involving mechanical systems. - learn more

Online Permits For information on the types of permits available for purchase online, please refer to the Online Permits section on the Online Services page of our website. - learn more