Sewage Treatment System Rules and Requirements

Columbus Public Health permits the installation, Alteration, and Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Systems (STS) within the City of Columbus and Worthington.  This includes Private STS that serve individual homes, Small Flow On-Site Sewage Treatments Systems (SFOSTS) that my serve properties that produce not more than one thousand gallons of sewage per day, and Gray Water Recycling Systems (GWRS).

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3701-29

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Lot Splits
In addition to a review by Building and Zoning Services, a review by Columbus Public Health (CPH) is required for any lot split where a sewage treatment system will remain on a lot, no associated sanitary sewer plan is proposed, and/or potential buildable lots 5 acres or less in size will be created with no access to the sanitary sewer system.

The CPH Lot Split Review will: 

  • Assess any existing sewage treatment system(s) to ensure proper function.
  • Establish that enough space remains on the lot(s) for replacement of existing sewage treatment system(s).
  • Assign an area for the installation of sewage treatment system(s) on new lots.
  • Make sure the split does not encroach on any required isolation distances.

Lot Split Review Application