Septage Haulers, Installers, and Providers

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3701-29 requires sewage treatment system installers, service providers, and septage haulers to be locally register within the jurisdictions they perform work.  Additionally, they must maintain statewide bond(s), complete testing requirements, and annually obtain continuing education.  An outline of these requirements is provided below:

Register with each Local Health District where you will be working as per OAC 3701-29-03. 

Surety Bonds
A surety bond form must be completed for each type of work conducted. 

Contractor Testing Requirements
All sewage treatment system installer, service provider, or septage haulers shall complete a statewide test and achieve a passing score of at least 75%.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Requirements
Six (6) CEU’s must be obtained during the year prior to each registration.  (CEU’s for the year of registration will need to be obtained during the previous registration year)

Contractor Registration Registration Information

Application for Sewage Treatment System Contractor Registration

Application for Septage Hauler Vehicle Registration

Ohio Department of Health - Sewage Treatment Systems Program

Statewide Forms ( Septage Pumping Report, Portable Toilet Pumping Report)

Sewage Treatment System Abandonment Report & Sewage Treatment System Abandonment Site Layout (Please Complete Both Forms for STS Abandonment)

Registered contractors with Columbus Public Health