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Will you pledge to swim safely with Columbus Public Health?

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4, and in 2019, 14 children younger than 15 died in Ohio because of drowning. However, drownings are 100 percent preventable—and having layers of protection in place is critical to safe swimming. 

At Columbus Public Health, we are committed to preventing drownings and entrapments and want to share tips on how to have a safe and fun swimming experience. The Pool Safely Pledge is a call-to-action for everyone to commit to steps to be safer in and around the water. 

In taking the pledge:

- Kids pledge to never swim alone, ask for swim lessons and stay away from drains. 

- Adults pledge to always designate a water watcher, learn CPR, ensure their kids know how to swim, remove portable pool ladders when not in use, and ensure their pools have proper fencing, gates and drain covers.

Click here to electronically sign the pledge to swim safely. Visit the links below to learn more about safe swimming and drowning prevention.

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How to Prevent Drownings Drownings are 100 percent preventable. Learn what you can do to prevent them.  Learn more.

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Drowning Statistics Learn the latest statistics on drownings.  Learn more.

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Resources Find more swimming and pool safety resources.  Learn more.