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Program Information

In order to help protect the health and safety of the community, this program licenses and regularly inspects all campgrounds and recreational vehicle (RV) parks in the cities of Columbus and Worthington. 

This is a service for both the owners and the occupants of the parks, and is done in accordance with  Chapter 3701-26 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

    Registering a Complaint
    If you have a complaint about a campground or recreational vehicle park in Columbus or Worthington that you wish to report, call 614-645-3111 to contact the City of Columbus 311 Call Center.


    Resources and Links

    Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-26  

    Columbus City Health Code  

    Columbus City Code  



    Color-Coded Signage
    At all of our licensed facilities, including campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks, we now post a small color-coded sign that is based on the results of the most recent inspection. For more information, call (614) 645-8191.