About Us A few words about how the Planning Division is engaged with the city. - learn more

Adopted Plans Adopted plans apply to specific geographies. Plans are adopted by City Council to guide development within the city. - learn more

Advisory Panels The Planning Division serves as staff to 2 separate advisory panels which include the Darby Accord and Rocky Fork-Blacklick Accord Panels - learn more

Annexation Municipal annexation is the territorial expansion of a municipality's corporate boundaries.  - learn more

Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2) Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2) serve as a framework for land use planning in the city of Columbus. - learn more

Columbus Planning Academy The Columbus Planning Academy (CPA) is designed to educate community members about land use planning in the city of Columbus. CPA will answer questions like "What is land use planning? How does it work? and How does it benefit my community?" - learn more

Columbus Planning Classroom The Columbus Planning Classroom (CPC) provides educational materials and training offered by the Columbus Planning Division on city planning matters. - learn more

Historic Preservation and Design Review Areas This page provides information on Columbus historic preservation and design review areas, including instructions on how to apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness or Certificate of Approval in those areas. - learn more

Maps and Data Maps of Columbus available for download. - learn more

Planning Documents Library Welcome to the Document Library for the City of Columbus Planning Division. This library contains a collection of documents provided and maintained by the City of Columbus Planning Division pertaining to projects, programs and other initiatives. - learn more

Public Art The Columbus Art Commission (CAC) was appointed in 2009. It has statutory authority over the design and placement of all works of art to be acquired by the city, placed on land owned or leased by the city, or placed anywhere in the public right‐of‐way.  - learn more

Urban Infrastructure Recovery Fund (UIRF) The UIRF program was established in 1992 to address capital improvement needs in central city neighborhoods. UIRF is one of several avenues for pursuing capital improvements in neighborhoods.  - learn more