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Columbus, Ohio 43207 

Office : 614.221.3132

Fire Prevention Bureau: 614-645-7641

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Youth Fire Setter Program


The Columbus Division of Fire, Juvenile Fire Setters Program has been operational since January 1984. The program is coordinated by one-full time firefighter and other firefighters who are assigned to 48-hour duty at various fire stations. 

The program uses the "Learn Not To Burn" curriculum to promote juvenile fire safety and to assist in arson prevention for youth who have a dangerous fascination with fire and/or the tendency to set fires. Participation with the Franklin County Child Fatality Review Team provides invaluable training tools and information.

The program has been designed to receive referrals from various organizations and the private and public sector. As the program has grown, services have been expanded to receive referrals from Franklin County Courts, Franklin County Children Services, Mental Health Organizations, Columbus Fire Arson Bureau, and other community agencies with concentration in the Columbus Public Schools.

For More information on this program:

Phone: 614.645.7641 ext 74142

Email:  Youth Fire Setter or copy and paste [email protected]