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Utility Customer Service

In person bill payment & permitting services at the Michael B. Coleman Government Center, 111 N. Front Street office is open weekdays 7:30 am - 5 pm; the Sales and Permit Office is open weekdays 7:30 am - 4 pm. After-hours Drop Box is available with free short-term parking in the garage across Long Street. 

Please report utility repair needs to the 311 Center online or call 614-645-8276 (weekdays 7 am - 6 pm). For non-business hours emergencies: Water 614-645-7788; Sewer 614-645-7102; Power 614-645-7627. View the Contact Directory for description of emergencies.

Periods of High Call Volume Causing Longer Wait Times

Periods of High Call Volume Causing Longer Wait Times The Call Center is experiencing some periods of higher call volume and longer wait times. If you have trouble getting through, please either try again weekdays 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, email us at [email protected], or use the Customer Portal- learn more

Reduce Your Bill and Financial Assistance

Bill Pay assistance and payment plans Behind on your bill? Customers that missed payments are being notified by mail that the delinquency turn-off process will resume 8/23, but there is still time to get help. Columbus residents may qualify for CARES Act payment assistance and anyone can apply for a payment plan. Learn about other resources, discounts you may qualify for, and other ways to reduce your bill. - learn more

Consumer Alert - Payment, ID Badges, Collections and More

Consumer Alert - Payment, ID Badges, Collections and More If someone identifies themselves as a city employee attempting to collect utility bill payment or a water sample, please call your local police department (Columbus: 614-645-4545). Our employees DO NOT collect bill payment in the field or over the phone; they wear a photo ID badge & a city-issued uniform. In addition, be aware of third party companies that charge additional fees to process payments to utility companies. - learn more

Request a Special Payment Plan for Your City Utility Bill

Request a Special Payment Plan for Your City Utility Bill You can apply directly online to request a Special Payment Plan (SPP) on your City utility bills. Request an extension of one to three months on your current charges. - learn more

Establish New Utility Service

Establish New Utility Service Information on requesting new water, sewer or power service. Contact information for closing accounts, call: 645-8276 weekdays, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. - learn more

Bill Payment

Bill Payment

Pay Online and other ways/locations to pay your utility bill. Check for unpaid sewer charges, learn how to reduce your bill, or complete a Tenant Billing Agreement.             

  - learn more

Rates, Fees, and Connection Charges

Rates, Fees, and Connection Charges

Find current utility rates, charts detail the various service charges and fees associated with connecting to city water, sewers and fire hydrants, rates for power, festival rates & more. Average costs includes what an average bill runs, running toilets & faucets, outdoor watering and filling a swimming pool.  - learn more

DOP Workers

The Hometown Choice for Energy Did you know that you have choice when it comes to your energy provider? Columbus Division of Power is the hometown choice. Use an Interactive Calculator to estimate how much your monthly electric bill would be with Columbus. Our residential rates are currently lower than the local commercial provider with no hidden fees.
Residential Services Brochure
Commercial/Industrial Brochure
- learn more

Citywide Street Lighting

Citywide Street Lighting To report an existing streetlight outage online, visit the 311 Center or call 614-645-3111 (weekdays 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.) Information about street lighting options. - learn more

Find a Certified Contractor

Find a Certified Contractor Authorization is required prior to working on City water or sewer lines. Residents can search the Citizen Portal for approved contractors. Note: DPU does not endorse or recommend any contractor. 
- learn more

Meter Reading & Bill Calculation

Meter Reading & Bill Calculation It is recommended you check the meter and remote reader at least once a year, taking the reading from each device to compare with one another. Learn how to find and read your meter and calculate bills. This is especially useful if you receive an unusually high or low bill. Also, learn where the shut-off valve is; you may need this in an emergency if you have a water leak. - learn more

Do Not Flush - No Wipes in the Pipes

Do Not Flush - No Wipes in the Pipes Remember, no wipes in the pipes! Only toilet paper is truly flushable, despite what labels may claim. Anything else is not designed to break down, can clog home pipes and city sewers and must go in the trash instead. Here’s a friendly reminder on what not to flush, (including so-called "flushable wipes") to avoid clogs. Please report any public sewer issues to our Sewer Maintenance Operations Center, at 614-645-7102. - learn more

Flooding and Water Leak Info

Flooding and Water Leak Info Information and resources (including basement backup prevention devices) for customers experiencing flooding and water leak issues such as: basement or yard flooding; water meter leaks; leaks in the street or a hydrant; blocked storm drains causing street flooding &/or ice; safety & cleanup information for basement flooding; how to locate your main water control valve to turn-off during an emergency.   - learn more


Keep It Clean Prevent water pollution through everyday living with simple tips to keep our water clean. Simple steps you can take at home such as: disposal of household hazardous waste, yard waste (including pet waste) and cooking grease; making simple lawn care choices; reducing stormwater runoff; maintaining cars & driveways properly; litter clean-ups & more. - learn more

Fall Topics

Fall Topics Learn about: mulching your garden for winter with Com-Til, keeping storm drains clear, proper yard waste disposal, cool weather energy savings, what to do if your pipes freeze (& how to prevent it), water main breaks & more.  - learn more

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities If you are interested in protecting our natural resources, get involved in our public education programs. You, your community or school group can participate in stream-bank litter cleanups, invasive plant removal & many other activities that promote awareness & appreciation of our natural waterways. - learn more

Customer Portal & Paperless Billing Options

Customer Portal & Paperless Billing Options Visit our Customer Portal to sign up for eBill, pay online with a check or credit card, auto pay and more.  - learn more

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Follow Us Please follow us on social media for any water advisory announcements or other major breaking news: Facebook Button Icon Find Us on Facebook   Twitter Button Icon Follow Us on Twitter
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