Billed Meter Readings

An unusually high or low bill may be the result of an inaccurate reading or based on an estimated reading. To verify your billed meter reading, look for the Meter Information in the center of the bill and find the Reading Type under the Current Meter Readings section.

  • A under the Reading Type indicates a reading was taken from the actual meter inside the property.
  • M under the Reading Type indicates the remote reading device on the outside of the property was read. This is the most common type of reading because access to the meter indoors is not needed.
  • E indicates an estimated reading was used to calculate the bill. If your bill was estimated and seems higher than normal, your next bill will likely be lower than normal. We can adjust your bill if you prefer; call us at 614-645-8276.
  • R indicates an electronic reading from our newest meters, which are gradually replacing older meters beginning in 2023. Read more about the Enhanced Meter Project.

The meter reading is indicated next to the reading type.

Note: You can also find these codes on the back of the bill.

Now take a reading from your inside meter and outside remote reading device to compare with the bill. If the reading you obtain is higher, your bill is accurate. If you get a lower number, we can adjust your bill; call 614-645-8276.

How to read a meter (and where to find it). The reading in the illustration is 5986.

It is recommended you check the meter and remote device at least once a year, taking the reading from each unit to compare with one another; they should read the same. If they differ, call us at 614-645-8276.