Citywide Street Lighting

To Report Any Street Lighting Issues Call 614-645-7627 or visit 311 (614-645-3111) 

CobraThe Division of Power (DOP) has been committed to providing and maintaining our city’s streetlights since the late 19th century. Today, street lighting offers significant benefits to both residents and visitors of our city.  Line Crew

For historical information about how street lighting began in Columbus in the late 19th century, please visit  Our History



The Division of Power is responsible for continuously updating our streetlight circuits to ensure they are up to the latest standards, and managing street light installation projects. The city has two routes for initiating street light projects. 

Cobra1) For standard wood poles with overhead wires (photo, right), a Streetlight Project Prioritization Policy and Procedure has been established. Residential and arterial street lighting projects are prioritized by DOP Administration based on public safety considerations and public activity factors using the following five components: 

Pedestrian Incidents 
Vehicle Crashes 
Activity Areas
Population Density

Approximately one year prior to construction, the DOP will contact the residents within the project boundary to solicit feedback concerning our street light plan. Our standard approach is to provide conventional street lights on wood poles; however residents are given the opportunity to consider the installation of decorative lights (see below) or residents may also object to the installation of street lights altogether.

Streetlight in Harrison West2) For decorative street lights with underground wires (photo, left) a property assessment petition process has been established. Neighborhood residents must agree to cover the difference between the cost of the standard wood pole and the decorative street light. For more information, view the  Residential Street Lighting Assessment Brochure.

Due to funding limitations, a waiting list currently exists in both programs; however, neighborhoods are still encouraged to apply.

For more information, call the Street Lighting Engineering Section of the Division of Power at (614) 645-8364. If you live in an area outside the Columbus city boundaries, please contact your municipality, township or county offices.