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Paul Freedman, Manager

Commercial Zoning Clearance:
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Residential Zoning Clearance:
Christine Palmer, Manager

Public Hearings - BZA and Graphics:
Jamie Freise, Manager

Public Hearings - Rezoning and Council Variances: 
Tim Dietrich, Manager

Zoning Clearance

Zoning clearance determines if an application is in conformance with the provisions of the Zoning Code or as permitted by a variance, special permit or decision from an appeal. 

It is required and should be obtained prior to the construction or alteration of any building or structure. The establishment, change or modification in the use of any building, structure or land, as well as the grading, excavating or filling of land. Zoning clearance is often performed in conjunction with the plan review process for building permits and is one of the regulatory agencies that participate in the One Stop Shop plan-review process.


Some properties lie within historic districts or within overlays or special zoning districts that require approval for improvements or changes to the exterior of a building or property. Most of these processes are coordinated by the Historic Preservation Office or Urban Design Office in the Development Department's Division of Planning or email [email protected]

The Zoning Code limits the location of where additional parking can be added. Therefore, Zoning Clearance is required to expand a driveway or parking pad. For additional information, please see Driveway and Parking Pad Guidelines.

Because zoning clearance is required for many projects, staff is available for consultation at the Building and Zoning Services Customer Service Center at 111 N Front Street during its regular hours of business. Alternatively, you can request information and seek consultation by e-mail at [email protected] .