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Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2) will help guide the next generation of development in the city of Columbus. As Central Ohio is projected to grow by up to 1 million people by 2050 (source: insight2050), Columbus Citywide Planning Policies are designed to guide and focus growth in a manner that supports the city’s economic competitiveness, benefits the environment, and improves resident’s quality of life.

C2P2 establishes a framework for future land use planning and development review. It is based on best practices and policies developed by the City of Columbus over 20+ years of area and neighborhood planning, and it is the city’s most up-to-date policies for land use and design. Areas may vote to support C2P2 adoption for their area, in particular through endorsement of C2P2 Design Guidelines. C2P2 includes guiding principles, design guidelines, land use policies, and land use plans for individual areas. 

C2P2 was adopted by City Council as a framework for land use planning on July 16, 2018. Currently, C2P2 land use plans are adopted in 4 communities and C2P2 Design Guidelines are adopted in 15 communities. (For more info, see Areas of Adoption)

Early Adoption

  • Communities have the opportunity to support “Early Adoption” of the C2P2 Design Guidelines. (See Areas of Adoption for communities that have already endorsed C2P2 “Early Adoption”.)
  • Early adoption allows communities and staff to use the C2P2 Design Guidelines with existing adopted area plans for development review in conjunction with any existing adopted land use plan.
    • Design Guidelines. Residential and commercial design guidelines provide recommendations on the placement and design of development. The guidelines address single, two-unit and multi-unit housing, commercial buildings, setbacks, height, open space, parking, connectivity, landscaping/buffering/screening, natural resources, and graphics.
  • Any community wishing to pursue Early Adoption should review the materials on this website, including the Design Guidelines video. And then contact Columbus Planning Division at [email protected] to request a presentation and pursue the potential for Early Adoption. (Formal Early Adoption includes a vote of support by the given area commission or Major Civic Association, including the completion of the C2P2 Early Adoption Form.)

Other Adopted Plans

Many other adopted area plans are in place in Columbus communities and can be found in the Document Library.  These plans were developed previous to C2P2 and also provide land use and design guidance for development review that requires a rezoning or variance.

One may also gain access to adopted plan documents and associated land use recommendations by using the Columbus Site Information Resource map (CSIR). The map also includes a variety of site specific data related to development. To learn how to view the adopted plan data in the map watch this short instruction video.

C2P2 Document 

C2P2 - First Edition (2018) (Full Document)


1 - C2P2 Introduction - First Edition

2 - C2P2 Guiding Principles - First Edition

3 - C2P2 Design Guidelines - First Edition

4 - C2P2 Land Use Policies - First Edition


For more information about C2P2, please contact us at 614-645-8834 or [email protected]

Columbus Planning Academy

Columbus Planning Academy is a 9 course class that is designed to inform residents and stakeholders about the land use planning process and how plan recommendations are implemented. The entire series requires about 30 minutes to view.

Intro to C2P2

This short video is part of the CPA series and will introduce you to the basic ideas of Columbus Citywide Planning Policies.

C2P2 Guiding Principles

This short video is part of the CPA series and explains the Guiding Principles of Columbus Citywide Planning Policies.

C2P2 Design Guidelines

This short video is part of the CPA series and explains the design guideline section of Columbus Citywide Planning Policies.

C2P2 Land Use Policies

This short video is part of the CPA series and explains the land use policy section of Columbus Citywide Planning Policies.