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Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2) is a new approach to area and neighborhood planning in Columbus. C2P2 establishes a framework for future neighborhood planning and development review. It is based on best practices and policies developed by the City of Columbus over 20+ years of area and neighborhood planning, and it is the city’s most up-to-date policies for land use and design. Areas may vote to support C2P2 adoption for their area, similar to the past process for area plans (see materials below for more information). Updates to C2P2 will include community engagement. Columbus Citywide Planning Policies include guiding principles, design guidelines, land use policies, and land use plans for individual areas. 

C2P2 was adopted by City Council as a framework for land use planning on July 16, 2018. Currently, C2P2 land use plans are adopted in 4 communities and C2P2 Design Guidelines are adopted in 15 communities. (For more info, see Areas of Adoption)

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For more information about C2P2, please contact us at 614-645-8834 or [email protected]

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Current News

In 2020, two additional communities, Far South Columbus and West Scioto, requested early adoption of Columbus Citywide Planning Policies. Early adoption provides C2P2 Design Guidelines as a policy basis for development review. Early adoption of C2P2 Design Guidelines was approved by City Council for both areas. (For more info, see Areas of Adoption)

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C2P2 Document 

C2P2 - First Edition (2018) (Full Document)


1 - C2P2 Introduction - First Edition

2 - C2P2 Guiding Principles - First Edition

3 - C2P2 Design Guidelines - First Edition

4 - C2P2 Land Use Policies - First Edition