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On July 16, 2018, City Council voted to adopt Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2) as a framework for future land use planning within the city of Columbus (Ord. 1897-2018). On the same day, Council adopted the C2P2 Design Guidelines for eleven areas (Ord. 1898-2018) and C2P2 Land Use Plans for the Far East (Ord. 1900-2018), South East (Ord. 1899-2018), and South Linden (Ord. 1901-2018) areas.

Since adoption of C2P2 as a framework for land use planning, the Hilltop Land Use Plan was adopted on September 16, 2019 (Ord. 2202-2019) and the C2P2 Design Guidelines are in place for the Far South Columbus (Ord. 1561-2020)and West Scioto (Ord. 1929-2020) areas

Complete Adoption

Complete adoption indicates an area has an adopted C2P2 Land Use Plan, which is used along with the base elements of C2P2 (guiding principles, design guidelines, and land use policies). Each land use plan is developed by city staff in partnership with the community and includes a recommended land use map and policies specific to the area. 

Early Adoption

Early adoption indicates C2P2 Design Guidelines have been adopted to be used along with existing adopted plans for an area. Early adoption provides a community the opportunity to benefit from C2P2 Design Guidelines prior to the scheduled land use plan update.

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Complete Adoption

Far East
South East
South Linden

Early Adoption

Far South Columbus
Fifth by Northwest
Harrison West
Hayden Run
North Linden
South East
South Side
West Scioto