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If your building is on the covered buildings list and it meets the Exemption Criteria outlined within the Ordinance Language, then you can  File an Exemption Request. If approved, an exemption is only valid for a single reporting cycle.

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Energy & Water Benchmarking Ordinance


Download a copy of the Compliance Quick Guide for step-by-step guidance on how to bring your building(s) into compliance with the Benchmarking Ordinance.

The City of Columbus' Energy & Water Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance (Columbus City Code Title 41 - Building Code Chapter 4117) requires commercial and multi-family building owners and managers of buildings 50,000 square feet and larger to track (or “benchmark”) their electricity, gas, and water use. This data is reported annually to the city through the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR(R) Portfolio Manager(R) tool. *Please note that reporting of water data was voluntary in 2021 and is required starting in 2022.

Benchmarking is an easy and effective way to measure and manage a building's energy and water usage. The Energy and Water Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance is designed to guide Columbus building owners and managers in starting this process. Compliance with this ordinance will help to reach Mayor Ginther's ambitious pledge to make Columbus a carbon neutral community by 2050.  Learn more about Columbus' Climate Action Plan.

The City of Columbus is committed to creating an equitable and climate-ready future. Additional resources are available to support non-profit, faith-based, and affordable housing organizations, as well as building owners in historically disenfranchised neighborhoods. Please reach out directly to the Benchmarking Help Desk to learn more.

In 2021, the inaugural year of the Benchmarking Ordinance, only buildings 100,000 square feet and larger were required to submit energy data. As of 2022, buildings 50,000 square feet and larger are required to comply, submitting energy and water data.

How to Comply

***If you had previously setup automated benchmarking for natural gas, schedule a meeting with the Help Desk to bring your building into compliance for 2022. 

Below are simplified instructions to bring your building(s) into compliance with the Benchmarking Ordinance for 2023. For a step-by-step guide, download the Compliance Quick Guide

If you have already submitted a Benchmarking Report, jump to step 3. If not, begin with step 1.

Step 1: Determine Eligibility and Note CBUSID
1. Verify that your building is required to comply with the Benchmarking Ordinance in 2023 by searching the Building ID Lookup Tool with your buildings address.
2. Make a note of the CBUSID associated with your building as this is required to submit a Benchmarking Report.

                                      Building ID Look Up 

3. Share contact information by designating an in-house staff member or 3rd party provider to serve as the point of contact for updates and notifications related to the Benchmarking Ordinance using the Building Contact Form.

Step 2: Set up ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Profile 
1. If your building does not already have an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager profile, create a new account and building profile directly on the Portfolio Manager website.
2. Collect the basic building information required to benchmark using the Data Collection Worksheet.
3. In your Portfolio Manager account, create a new property for your building, enter the operating/use characteristics, and add the CBUSID under 'Unique Identifiers' on the Details tab.

Step 3: Add Whole-Building Energy and Water Consumption Data 
1. For sole owners/occupiers of a building, manually enter energy and water consumption data from your utility bills into Portfolio Manager for calendar year 2022. See this FAQ for additional details on adding data to Portfolio Manager
2. For multifamily and multi-tenant building owners, request whole-building aggregated consumption data from the utility companies. AEP Ohio and Columbus Public Utilities have tools to provide building owners with whole-building, aggregated annual data to use for benchmarking.  This will simplify and streamline the benchmarking process for building owners and protect individual tenant data anonymity.

For buildings owners needing additional time, please fill out an Extension Request Form . Additional details are outlined below:

2a AEP Ohio customers: AEP Ohio customers may request aggregated whole-building data for calendar year 2022 for the purpose of complying with the Benchmarking Ordinance. Owners can request multiple years so if your need historical electric data, include those years with your request. Please download the AEP Ohio Benchmarking Data Request Template and complete the following steps: (1) review the 'Instructions' tab and fill out the 'Required Data' tab. (2) email the completed excel file to [email protected]. All account/ meter/ premise information provided will be aggregated into property level kilowatt-hour usage amount per month. (3) This information will be emailed to you when the request is completed.

2b Department of Public Utilities - Electric Customers : The Department of Public Utilities has established Automated Benchmarking for its customers. Download the User Guide for setup instructions and reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

2c Columbia Gas customers: Columbia Gas has eliminated its automated benchmarking program. While Columbus works to develop the systems needed to replace this service, please follow these steps immediately below. Columbus appreciates your patience as we develop the tools necessary for building owners to be in compliance with the Benchmarking Ordinance:
•If you had already setup automated benchmarking for natural gas and have incomplete data for 2022, schedule a meeting with the Help Desk.
•Owners with multiple tenants in need of aggregated gas data for 2022 can complete an Extension Request Form by June 1 and when an aggregation tool is made available we will notify you of the new deadline and next steps. 

2d Water : The Department of Public Utilities has established Automated Benchmarking for its customers for the purposes of benchmarking water. Download the User Guide for setup instructions and reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Step 4: Submit Benchmarking Report 
Once whole-building energy and water for calendar year 2022 is entered in Portfolio Manager, follow the steps below to submit your 2023 Benchmarking Report directly to the City of Columbus via the Benchmarking Data Submission link by June 1, 2023.

1. Check for possible errors using the Data Quality Checker on the 'Summary' tab in Portfolio Manager.
2. Follow the Benchmarking Data Submission Link and generate a preview of your building(s)' report.
3. Submit your Benchmarking Report to the City using the Benchmarking Data Submission link.

                                     Benchmarking Data Submission

After your Benchmarking Report is submitted: 
1. Within 24 hours of submitting a Benchmarking Report, the email associated with the Portfolio Manager account that submitted the Benchmarking Report will receive an automated email from [email protected]
2. Columbus' system that receives Benchmarking Reports will conduct a series of data quality checks -- if a submittal trips one of our data quality flags, you'll receive an email with instructions on next steps to correct possible errors. If your submittal does not have data quality flags, you'll receive an email indicating that your building is In Compliance for the 2023 reporting year.

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The City of Columbus has created a variety of targeted technical resources to assist the Columbus Building Owner Community in achieving compliance with the Benchmarking Ordinance.
•  2022 Benchmarking Annual Report
•  Benchmarking Compliance Quick Guide
•  Frequently Asked Questions
•  Benchmarking and Transparency 101

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Tools & Training
ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is an interactive resource management tool that enables you to benchmark the energy use of any type of building, all in a secure online environment. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the most widely used tool to benchmark and analyze whole-building data, making it the industry-leading benchmarking tool. 

The EPA has many free and easy-to-use guides for getting started with Portfolio Manager.
• If you have two minutes, get started with the Benchmarking Starter Kit.
• If you have fifteen minutes, review the Basics of Building Benchmarking for Ordinance Compliance Guide.
• Want to be an expert in Benchmarking Compliance? Watch the Basics of Benchmarking Ordinance Compliance webinar series!
• Go deeper with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and access the ENERGY STAR Webinar Library.
• Would you like help improving your ENERGY STAR Score or overall Energy Efficiency (EE)? Contact AEP Energy for free advice on managing your building and EE improvement projects. AEP Energy Benchmarking Flyer 

Ordinance Development Process
Learn more about how the Energy & Water Benchmarking & Transparency Ordinance was developed and designed by reviewing the Ordinance Development Process.