Safe Sleep Ambassador Training events

Safe Sleep Ambassador Training Events

Columbus Public Health is proud to partner with Celebrate One on the Safe Sleep Ambassador Training Program!

Sleep-related deaths are a leading cause of death in infants under one-year-old in Columbus. We need to take charge and change the culture surrounding safe sleep practices to keep our babies safe. You can help to spread Safe Sleep awareness by becoming a Safe Sleep Ambassador.

Safe Sleep Ambassadors care deeply about the infant mortality crisis in Columbus and are educated and empowered to deliver the Safe Sleep message to new moms, moms to be, and infant caregivers in our community. Babies must sleep Alone on their Backs and in an empty Crib for every nap and every bedtime, every time.

As a Celebrate One Safe Sleep Ambassador, you will attend one training course taught by Columbus Public Health infant Safe Sleep experts. This training will empower you to spread the Safe Sleep message to at least 10 members of your community, helping Columbus to reduce its infant mortality rate. 

Choose how you would like to fulfill your responsibility as a Celebrate One Safe Sleep Ambassador, and share your knowledge in everyday conversation with friends, family, and co-workers. Spread the Safe Sleep message by holding organized formal group meetings in your local schools, churches, and community centers. 

Help change the culture and do your part to stop sleep-related infant deaths.

Any organization interested in hosting a safe sleep training should contact Columbus Public Health, 614-645-1762.