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Infant Mortality

Each year in Franklin County, 150 babies die before their first birthday. And, twice as many African-American babies are likely to die as white children.

In Columbus, these deaths are concentrated in neighborhoods in which there are lower levels of income, education and health. One of our neighborhoods loses four times as many babies as in the neighborhood next door.

This is a community crisis, and has been addressed as such. In 2013, the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force was commissioned, a diverse and knowledgeable panel to study why our infants are dying, and what we can do about it.

In 2014, with a group of dedicated partners, Columbus launched the CelebrateOne initiative, prioritizing those neighborhoods where infant mortality rates are the highest and where we can have the greatest impact to save young lives.

In Linden, the Near South Side, the Near East Side, the Hilltop, Franklinton, the Northeast, the Southeast, and in Northland, we are working to educate, engage and enlist residents as advocates and ambassadors on this issue.

Our goal by 2020 and one of the most aggressive in the country: to reduce infant mortality by 40 percent and to cut the health disparity gap in half.