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GreenSpot has several videos of award celebrations, how-to, and more. Check them out below!

How to Fit Recyclables into the Recycling Container

Full Recycle Container
Ever wondered how to fit all the recycling into the recycle container? In this humorous video we share a few tips as well as a few laughs. In collaboration with the GreenSpot program and Columbus Refuse Collection. You can also purchase an additional cart by calling 614-645-3111. An OBLSK Production.

GreenSpot Conversations

This GreenSpot Conversation dives head first into how Com-Til is produced and how it fits in with the larger social and ecological cycles. We'll touch on the basic infrastructure of wastewater, including historical trends and current beneficial reuse patterns with the City's wastewater soil applications coordinator. Watch it here.

GS conversation ComTil


COTA has some great initiatives they are undertaking for 2022. But do you know how to ride the bus? It can be overwhelming if you have not done it before. But now fear! This GreenSpot Conversation will talk with COTA about how to ride the bus as well as what to expect from COTA this year and next. Watch it here.

GreenSpot Conversation: COTA


The Urban Forestry Master Plan is rooted in preserving and growing Columbus' tree canopy. Adopted last year, tune in to hear the 2021 progress report with Rosalie Hendon, environmental planner with Columbus Recreation and Parks. The goal is a 40% canopy cover by 2050; learn how we can work together to accomplish this community goal. Watch it here.


The City of Columbus has adopted aggressive waste reduction goals through the Climate Action Plan. Hear about those goals, how they impact our greenhouse gas emissions, and learn about some of the pilot programs the city is working on to achieve them. From better recycling to composting food, this conversation will be full of trash talk. Special guest Aryeh Alex with Keep Columbus Beautiful. Watch it here.


 GreenSpot Convo: Talking Trash

Columbus has many trails and dedicated bike lanes to get around the city. How can you safely navigate the trails and streets? What to look for when buying a bike? What if you can’t afford a bike? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we talk with Erin Sync with Yay Bikes!, Chet Ridenour with CoGo Bike Share, and Scott Ulrich with Columbus Public Health. Watch it here.

Biking around Cbus


Whether your organization has an established recycling program or you are investigating starting a program, register for this Conversation with SWACO to learn how to refresh an existing program, develop and implement a new program, and how to assure the program is impactful. Watch it here.

starting a recycling program at work


Having an energy efficient home means having the same comfort but not paying more electric bills or heating bills. Learn some beginning steps to have an energy efficient home from guests Ebony Williams (IMPACT Community Action), Sarah Poe (Columbia Gas), and Robert Williams (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission). Watch it here.

GreenSpot Conversations: Comfy home


Green procurement policies are a way to assure your company is purchasing products that are more environmentally friendly than other products. Learn what a green procurement policy is, how to create and implement, and what to avoid. Join GreenSpot with Kristen Dameron (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) and Aparna Dial (The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center) as they discuss their policies. Watch it here.

GreenSpot Conversations: Green Purchasing

Winter is almost here and that means it is a great time to see birds! However, how do you attract those fine, feathered friends to your yard, what is the best food to feed them, and what are some good books/guides to use? Fear not! Birding experts Nicole Jackson, Allison Clark (Grange Insurance Audubon Center), and Susan Jervey will answer these questions, your questions, and more! Watch it here.

GreenSpot Conversations: backyard birding

Many organizations pivoted last year due to covid-19 and scrambled to adopt telework policies. Do those policies cover all the bases? How can they be improved? Join Lexi Petrella with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, Matt Griffin with OSU as they dive into the benefits of such policy, how to create a successful one, and what pitfalls to avoid. Watch it here.

benefits of telework 500x247

Who’s responsible for the largest volunteer-driven Earth Day effort in the U.S.? Who has regular tree giveaways, litter cleanups, and other fun activities that benefit Columbus? Green Columbus! We will talk with Claus Eckert their executive director on past successes and current projects that residents can volunteer to help with. Watch it here.

 GreenSpot Conversations: Green Columbus graphic 500x247

The Olentangy is one of the major rivers running through Columbus. Ever wonder how its health is doing? Join us as we talk with Laura Fay from Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) as she explains the characteristics of the Olentangy, the successes over the years, and current efforts. Watch it here.

GreenSpot Conversation: Health of the Olentangy


The average American household uses more than 100,000 gallons of water a year with about 10,000 coming from leaks. Toilets, washers, showers, sinks, all use a lot of water. However, they don’t have to. Learn tricks and tips on how to conserve and protect water at home. Join Cary McElhinney from U.S. EPA WaterSense and David Celebrezze from GreenSpot as they discuss simple steps you can take to save water and save money. Watch it here.

GreenSpot Conversation: Saving Water from home


Every day we breathe 2,000 gallons of air. Sometimes that air may not be healthy. Do you remember hearing about an “air quality alert” for ozone or particulate pollution but aren’t sure what it means? Join us for a conversation with Dr. Brooke White from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission who will discuss what the causes and impacts of air quality are to our health. Watch it here.

Columbus, What's up in the Air?

How can growing food bring neighbors together? How can buying food from hyper-local growers improve the well-being of a neighborhood? Join Julialynne Walker from the Bronzeville Academy and Bronzeville Growers Market as she discusses the successes of connecting food, neighbors, community, and food justice. Watch it here.

Growing Gardens Growing Community image

Still throwing away food scraps in the trash? If so, you are throwing away money, increasing your carbon footprint, and filling up the landfill. Take the next step on your sustainability journey and hear about the landfill, how to reduce your food waste, and how to compost in your backyard the right way. Special guests include Sara Ernst from Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District and Amy Densborn from the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO). Watch it here.

GreenSpot Conversation: Turning food scraps to garden gold

Whetstone Park of Roses, High Banks Metro Park; everyone knows about these great green places but what about the off-the-beaten-path emeralds throughout the city and county? There are many parks you may not have heard of and if you know where to look, it’ll be a whole new experience. Join Tim Moloney and Tina Fronk from Franklin County Metro Parks and Tina Mohn and Rosalie Hendon from Columbus Recreation and Parks to hear about these hidden wonders. Watch it here.

GreenSpot Conversation: Hidden Greenspaces

Every think about having the sun pay for your electric bill? What about going to the next level in reducing your carbon foot print? Watch as we learn what the city is doing to promote solar and hear from a resident who has recently installed solar. Guests are Samantha Schneider, city of Columbus energy manager, and Brian Will, resident. Watch it here

GreenSpot Conversation: Solar panels

The right language, and examples, to talk about sustainability to employees and colleagues is critical to success. Join the GreenSpot Conversation webinar series as they talk about ways to engage colleagues and employees on sustainability. Hear from representatives from Corporate Cleaners, inc., OHM Advisors, and Hikma. Watch it here.

GS Conversations engaging employees

What we eat has a huge impact on our carbon footprint and the planet. Learn about different foods and their climate impact and how you can eat green for the planet! Join Diane Kadonaga with Sunny Glen Garden and Stephanie Feldstein with Center for Biological Diversity for this GreenSpot Conversation. Watch it here.

GS Conversations Eating Green247x500

GreenSpot Conversations talked with Simply Living to hear about their work to make Columbus more green. Watch it here.

GS Conversations Simply Living2 247x500

Have you been to the Grange Insurance Audubon Center? If not, you are missing out. Check out this GreenSpot Conversation with Rebecca Swab and Allison Clark of the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. Watch it HERE

GreenSpot Conversation Audubon Center

What is Recyclable? Check out this GreenSpot Conversation with SWACO's Amy Densborn and City of Columbus' T.J. Black! Watch it HERE.

GreenSpot Conversations Recycling


 Sara Gallaugher from Full Circle Source and David R. Celebrezze from Columbus GreenSpot discuss ways to reduce plastic use in the kitchen and bathroom. Watch the webinar HERE.

 Reducing Plastic use in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Ways to Get Around Cbus

Ways to Get Around Cbus

Sustainability Manager Position

A Sustainability Manager plays a critical role within any organization.  They help ensure that a business is committed to an agenda that will lead to a secure future, target and eliminate wasting resources, and help overall operations. Watch the video HERE.

Sustainability Manager video cover2

How to Plant A Tree

Learn how to plant a tree by clicking HERE!

How to plant a tree screenshot


Learn how to prune a tree HERE

UPDATE How to prune a tree


Check out this webinar on Common Trees of Columbus and the Wildlife who Love Them. Watch it HERE.

Webinar screenshot of trees


GS Reaches 20k members

The Columbus GreenSpot program hit 20,000 members milestone. This program inspires, educates, and recognizes households, businesses, community groups, and neighborhoods that adopt sustainable practices. Watch the video HERE.

20,000 GreenSpot members


2020 GreenSpotLight Awards

Watch the GreenSpotLight Awards Recognition HERE.

2020 GreenSpotLight Award video




Watch the 2020 GreenSpot Sustainable Business Class graduates get recognized HERE

2020 GS Sustainable Business class grads



Watch the GreenSpot Neighborhood Clintonville be recognized HERE

GreenSpot Neighborhood Cville photo



Watch the 2020 GreenSpot School recognition of Indianola Informal K-8 HERE

GS school indianola k-8 recognition

GreenSpot Designated Schools

Indianola Informal K-8 designated as a GreenSpot School. Check out their success HERE!

GreenSpot School Indianola for full video



St. Mary School designated as a GreenSpot School. Check out their success HERE!

GreenSpot School St. Mary school