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Each year the GreenSpotLight Awards celebrate the accomplishments of three organizations who demonstrate excellence in sustainable business practices; going above and beyond the requirements of the GreenSpot program. Watch this video to learn more about the program.

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2017 GreenSpotLight Awards

2017 spotlight award winnersOn March 24th the City of Columbus recognized the GreenSpotLight Award winners for their achievements over the past year to help make our community beautiful, healthy, and prosperous. The winners:

  • Ohio History Connection
  • The Dawes Arboretum
  • CeraNet

Councilmember Brown also recognized the recent graduates of the GreenSpot Sustainability Initiative class:

  • Columbus Fair Auto Auction
  • Hot Chicken Take Over
  • IGS Energy
  • Kaufman Development
  • MAPFRE Stadium/Columbus Crew
  • Nestle Quality Assurance Center
  • Olentangy Paddle

The second half of the program was a climate education session where Councilmember Brown, OSU Byrd Polar Climate and Research Center, and GreenSpot presented on climate impacts to Columbus and what steps households, businesses, and governments can undertake to prepare and mitigate. Attendees were than able to visit the climate education expo where more than a dozen groups that work on the climate issue.

Special thanks to the Columbus Metropolitan Library for hosting the event, and to the sponsors: AEP Ohio, Columbia Gas of Ohio, and SWACO.

Watch the 2017 GreenSpotLight Awards Celebration

-Published on YouTube, March 30, 2017

GreenSpotLight Award Recipients

Each year GreenSpot recognizes three organizations (small, medium, large) who have demonstrated excellence in business practices that produced environmental benefits; going above and beyond the requirements of the program

Check out previous year's recipients below.


View highlights of the 2017 GreenSpotLight winners.

 Ohio History Connection        Ohio History Connection


Dawes Arboretum    The Dawes Arboretum


CeraNet logoCeraNet

 Video: 2017 GreenSpotLight Awards

Sponsors of the 2016 GreenSpotLight Celebration: Columbus Metropolitan Library, AEP OhioColumbia Gas of Ohio, and SWACO.

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