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Think GreenSpot is great? Then don't keep it to yourself. Make the biggest impact by recruiting your Columbus friends, families, and coworkers to join.

Introducing GreenSpot and the Arts!

GreenSpot artAre you an artist that uses recycled material and/or renewable energy sources for your works of art?

Yes! Then think Columbus GreenSpot!

Art and sustainability are natural partners. Whether using recycled materials, repurposed materials, or using renewable energy to power an art piece- the materials are there. So let’s partner up!

Artists, here is your opportunity to be spotted in the green. Check out our flyer or see below.

Here is how it works:
1. Create your unique, original work of art that uses recycled material and/or renewable energy.
2. Take pictures of your art piece from all angles (minimal 4).
3. Email GreenSpot@columbus.gov
4. GreenSpot will review and then post the images to GreenSpot social media (Facebook, Twitter, website).

Did you know?
This project is to encourage art works that use recycled and/or repurposed material. Did you know that every year, the SWACO landfill disposes of nearly a million tons of waste? Yet 70% of this could be diverted through reuse, recycling, composting and other methods. Demonstrating that materials can be reused for other purposes can raise awareness with the public. Reducing the amount of materials that end up in the landfill can extend the life of the landfill as well as our natural resources.

Chocolate Wrappers Second Life

Old candy wrappers have a new life in Nelsa Abalo's works of art. She starts by painting the glass and the color added later with chocolate wrappers. Some of her work is currently being displayed at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center's Pasos de Arte exhibit.

nelsaelephant     nelsapeacock


Old Bags, New Life

While we continue to reduce the amount of plastic we use in every day life, you can reuse bags to create awesome works of art like Anita Maharjan did. You can see more of her work here

Anita art work plastic bags The Wall-Anita GSArts Destiny-Anita GSArts


Recycled Pallets 

Rita Fuller-Yates uses old pallet slats and turns them into a thing of beauty. Learn more here.


Rita Fuller-Yates 1fortext boxformatted

Recycled Metal

The Kiggins Collection is made out of recycled metal. Some of these figures are displayed at the Shadow Box Live.

Kiggins3 for landing pageKiggins art1Kiggins art 4 for landing pageKiggins3 with adjusted size for landing page