Engineering Site Plan Review

The Engineering group is responsible for the coordination of plan reviews across multiple city departments. Plans related to any of the following areas may be required to be submitted and reviewed, depending on the nature of the project:

  • Residential developments
  • Storm water management
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Street construction
  • Water main plans associated with private developments and lot splits

Preliminary Commercial Site Plans

This service is offered free to our customers. We encourage developers and design professionals to contact us whenever they are planning to develop a new project or expand an existing facility. 


Once preliminary site plans are submitted, Staff then arranges a virtual meeting meet with the review staff. This meeting usually takes place within 2 weeks of the plan submittal. At the meeting, the applicant reviews the scope of the project and then staff provides their comments and answer any questions. Following this meeting, the various engineering plans and requirements for each will be provided to the applicant. This allows the applicant to determine the most efficient and cost effective method  to develop the project.

Preliminary Residential Plats

Preliminary plats are handled the same way as the preliminary commercial site plans except there is a fee associated with the review. We hold the meeting with the review staff a week or so after the plats have been submitted.

Final Commercial Site Plans

Final commercial site plans are submitted once the all the details of the project have been determined. This is the City's official record of what has been approved for the site. They can be submitted separately or in conjunction with the building plans.

If they are submitted prior to the building plans, there is a $475 fee that must be paid at that time. If they are submitted at the same time or after the building plans, there is no fee as that is included in the building plan fee.

The initial review of the plans will be completed within 12 business days.

Final Residential Plats

Final plats can be submitted any time after the preliminary plat review meeting. If the streets are dedicated for public use, the street construction plans must be submitted at the same time as they must be routed for review concurrently.

 The initial review will be completed within 12 business days.

Storm Water Management and Sanitary Sewer Plans (CC Plans)

These plans are typically submitted after the preliminary site plan meeting (when required). Otherwise they can be submitted at any time, but they will need to be approved before the final site and building plans are approved. 

Visit Storm Water Management and Sanitary Sewer Plans (CC Plans) for more information.

Lot Splits

The Franklin County Auditor's Office requires the City of Columbus' approval for the splitting of property within its corporate boundaries.

Street Construction Plans (E Plans)

These plans, when required by the Division of Traffic Management, may only be submitted after a scope of work has been issued. They must be approved before the Final Site Compliance Plan and the Building Plans are approved.

Submittal requirements for E-plans for subdivisions and for commercial sites can be found at their respective links below.

The initial review will be completed in 12 business days. Review fees are based on the time it takes staff to review the plans. An invoice will be sent at the time we inform you that the plans are ready for signature.

Below is a list of documents associated with Street Construction Plans (E-plans).