The GIS Section of Building and Zoning Services is responsible for all spatial-related data creation within the department. A primary responsibility is serving as the City's addressing authority. They also manage the naming of streets and maintain detailed records relative to these and other business functions.

Certified Addresses

Certified Addresses represent the assignment of official street addresses to buildings, and/or building entrances, within the City of Columbus. These assignments are in accordance with Chapter 907 of Columbus City Code. These addresses are then included within a regionally maintained Geographic Information System (GIS) database, and are utilized by numerous City of Columbus computer applications.


Zoning Numbers

Zoning Numbers are assigned for areas of land and not to specific buildings. These zoning numbers are issued in order to facilitate zoning related applications to the Department of Building & Zoning Services, including rezoning and zoning variance. They might encompass multiple parcels, a whole parcel, or a portion of a parcel. They may not be used for building permit application purposes.


Street Naming

The BZS GIS section is responsible for approving new street names proposed for use within the City of Columbus.


BZS GIS Frequently Asked Questions