Records Research

The Records Section completes all public record requests for Building and Zoning Services and Code Enforcement. It is the policy of the City of Columbus that all non-exempt public records are to be promptly and reasonably made available, upon request, at reasonable times during regular business hours. It is our desire to process these requests as quickly as possible, please allow 7 to 10 business days for an accurate request to be completed and returned. Larger requests can take up to 14 days. Most requests are free of charge; however, if fees are required for your request, a staff member from our records team will reach out with payment options.

Majority of the records requested include:

  • Violations
  • Zoning Text
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Max Capacity Card
  • Site Plans
  • Building Permit and Inspection Report - $35 Fee (To replace lost/stolen building permit which contains inspection sign-offs)
  • Recertification of Plans - $150 Fee (includes building permit and inspection report. Not available for expired permits.)

For accurate requests, please submit the Records Request Form(PDF, 200KB). You can submit the form via email to or you can mail it to:

BZS - Records
111 North Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

*Mailing your request can delay our response time.

Recent public records can also be obtained on our Citizen Access Portal