Zoning Maps

The Online Zoning Map contains a wide array of useful information represented geographically, such as the base zoning, area commissions boundaries, historic districts and commercial overlays, to name a few.

To navigate around the map, you can simply zoom in and out to locate a particular address or parcel, or use the search function by clicking on the binoculars icon in the toolbar.

To display certain layers of information (i.e. base zoning, area commissions, planning overlays, etc.), click on the Content button and check any of the desired items. Use the Identify tool to select a point on the map and display the data contained within each of your selected layers.

Also, using the search tool, you can select an address or parcel and create a PDF report of relevant information related to that point, such as zoning, area-commission and historic-district information.

Online Zoning Map