SWWTP Raw Sewage Pump Building Rehabilitation

CIP 650260-103014

The old Raw Sewage Pump Building (PMP) is in a state of disrepair due to long-term sewer gas exposure, leading to a failing brick façade, rusted lintels, and compromised doors and windows. These issues have not only weakened the building's structure but also allowed birds to infiltrate and nest, causing health hazards from accumulated animal waste.

The Raw Sewage Pump Building Rehabilitation project will focus on architectural, structural, electrical, and aesthetic improvements. It will involve replacing the deteriorated brick façade, installing new storefront windows and doors, and conducting electrical upgrades to improve the building's lighting. The project also includes a thorough cleaning to remove any animal waste and nesting, ensuring the building is safe and sanitary for its conversion into a functional office space for plant staff.

This construction of this project is estimated to begin in the winter of 2024 and extend through the fall of 2025.

Financing for this project is being provided through a below market-rate loan from the OEPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) Program.

The Ohio EPA will be conducting a Limited Environmental Review (LER) for this project. LER and the letter of "Notice of Issuance of a Final Finding of No Significant Impact to All Interested Citizens, Organizations and Government Agencies" will be accessible via this website.

Questions about this project can be directed to the project manager Jay Subedi: 614-645-7414 or by email to jpsubedi@columbus.gov