Sewer Rehabilitation Using Trenchless Technology

Sewer lining using trenchless tech

This sewer rehabilitation project, off of Nelson Road, utilized a trenchless technology known as cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP). Instead of an open cut excavation from the surface to repair or replace the sewer, CIPP works by inserting a resin-saturated felt liner into the existing sewer, which is rehabilitated when the resin liner is cured to a hard finish. The process and equipment used to create this “pipe within a pipe” varies by the diameter of the sewer line; access to the sewer is typically gained through manholes.

This rehabilitation method is not always an option for a variety of reasons, such as size and condition of the sewer line. When this technique can be used, it can offer many benefits compared to traditional trenching replacement methods, including:

  • Less disruption to residents, businesses and motorists;
  • Reduced construction time; and
  • Reduced loss of trees.

The trenchless relining method reinforces the structural integrity of the sewer line, seals leaks, and extends the life of the sewer by 50-100 years. The City of Columbus has used CIPP on deteriorating sewers throughout the city.

Current plumbing codes require all plumbing fixtures to have approved traps which prevent sewer gases from entering the building. If you experience sewer odors in your house, you should first ensure that your plumbing traps are not dried out by pouring several cups of water down each fixture (sink, shower, floor drain, etc.). If odors persist, you may have a defective or missing trap and should consult a plumber regarding an appropriate correction. This may be the case in some older buildings constructed under previous codes. In addition to unpleasant odors, sewer gases can contain substances harmful to your health.

If you are a City of Columbus resident and are experiencing sewer odors in your neighborhood, contact the city's Odor Complaint Hotline at 614 645-7961.

To learn more about trenchless technology, please visit the following web sites:

Or, for questions about use of this technology in Columbus, email DOSD or call the Sewer System Engineering Section at 614-645-8156.