Southerly WWTP Far East Expansion Project

Southerly waste water treatment plant

Accelerated growth in the Central Ohio region and the additional sewershed added under the OEPA 208 Facilities Planning Area expansion in the New Albany area has prompted the City to evaluate impacts to Southerly Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Treatment modeling efforts indicated that the treatment plant's organic loading rate basis of design will be exceeded in 2031, ten years earlier than anticipated. This project will expand the secondary treatment capacity of Southerly WWTP to treat the projected organic loading rate through the 2050 planning horizon, support continued growth in the central Ohio region, and protect and promote the overall health of the Scioto River watershed. 

Preliminary design is planned for the beginning of 2024 with detailed design and construction to follow in 2025 and 2027 respectively. The project will include two new additional circular primary clarifiers, 6 new aeration basins, four new high efficiency blowers, expanded influent and effluent conduits, tunnel system expansion, three new associated buildings, and associated support systems expansions. The project will create several new full time positions in the City of Columbus that will support the long term operation of the plant expansion.

Design alternatives to reduce financial impact are included in the preliminary design analysis and alternatives evaluation.