Fourth Water Plant

The City of Columbus, Division of Water (DOW) currently owns and operates three water plants: Dublin Road Water Plant, Hap Cremean Water Plant, and Parsons Avenue Water Plant, collectively supplying an average of 145 million gallons per day (MGD) of drinking water to Columbus and surrounding communities.

Continued growth of population and industry in Central Ohio, along with the need to increase reliability and resiliency across the water supply system, has driven the need for additional water treatment capacity, as outlined in DOW’s 2018 Comprehensive Water Master Plan Update. Accordingly, DOW has initiated the design process for the Fourth Water Plant (FWP), with the goal of bringing the new facility online by the end of 2028. The FWP will be constructed on DOW-owned property along the Scioto River in Delaware County at the southeast corner of Home Road and SR 745. View the project website.

Once operational, the fourth water plant will have the capacity to provide water to the growing central Ohio population, which is expected to double by 2050. Incorporating cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable technology to efficiently provide clean, safe water, the project marks the first time a new water plant will be built for the city since the 1980s. 

The estimated schedule for the FWP project is:

• Phase 1 – Study: 1st quarter 2023 through 3rd quarter 2023

• Phase 2 – Preliminary Design: 3rd quarter 2023 through 1st quarter 2024 

• Phase 3 – Detailed Design: 1st quarter 2024 through 3rd quarter 2025

• Phase 4 – Construction: 4th quarter 2025 through 4th quarter 2028

Preferred alternatives for the specific treatment processes have not yet been determined. During the study phase and preliminary design, alternatives will be identified and evaluated based on effectiveness at meeting treatment objectives, capital and life cycle costs, operational needs, reliability and complexity, and environmental impacts.

The City has applied for a Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLRA) planning loan for the project’s Study Phase and plans to seek WSLRA design loans for the Preliminary Design and Detailed Design Phases.

Rendering of FWP: