Small Business

Small Business Agenda

The Small Business Agenda presents a bold vision for real change: our concerted, strategic effort has the power to bridge the small business ecosystem gaps and lift up all small business owners. This is our moment to come together to ensure that America's Opportunity City rises to the challenge of creating a small business ecosystem that propels every resident toward prosperity.


Short-term Wins

Columbus Small Business Agenda(PDF, 8MB)


Columbus Small Business Hub

Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) Program

The Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) program offers technical assistance, capital improvements and planning services in conjunction with the established business association in six commercial areas surrounding downtown.


  1. Franklinton
  2. Hilltop
  3. Main St.
  4. Parsons Avenue
  5. Long Street/Mt. Vernon
  6. North Linden/South Linden