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A permit authorizes a contractor or homeowner to begin work described in the project plans and description. The permitting process begins with the submission of an application and any accompanying plans that may be required for approval. Once the application is submitted, the plans are routed to various departments for review, depending upon the nature of the work. After each required review has been approved the permit is issued and work can begin. After a record is created, application status can be tracked through our Citizen Access Portal.

Some specific work is exempt from obtaining a plan review/permit. Work exempt from approval for residential 1,2 or 3 family dwellings can be found here. Work exempt from approval for commercial and all other structures can be found here.

It is important to note that acquiring the appropriate permits for the proposed project, in some instances, is not the only requirement.


Enter Citizen Access Portal

To see available permits on-line, visit the Citizen Access Portal. 

View a user manual(PDF, 3MB) for the online permitting process.

Prior to purchasing a permit online, register for an online account. To register, click the Citizen Access Portal then click the link in the upper right corner of the page marked "Register for an Account". Once your account is created, use your account credentials to log in and begin the online permitting process. 


In Person

A completed application along with the specified number of copies of your plans (see Plan Review and Zoning Review) and a Certificate of Appropriateness, if applicable, can be delivered to our office during business hours.

Applications can be found on in our Document Library.

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Expired Permits

According to state and city code, after a permit is issued, work must begin within 1 year or the permit may be expired. Once work begins, there cannot be delays in progress for more than 6 months. All related building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing permits are considered a single project for purposes of permit expiration. Limited permit extensions are allowed for under the building code. For questions about your permit expiring or to request an extension, please contact us at or 614-645-8563. 


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