Bicycle Registration

Increase the chance your bicycle will be returned if lost or stolen by registering your property with the City of Columbus.

Register online, by phone or in person by providing your contact information along with distinguishing characteristics of your bicycle. You will be provided with a free RFID chip to install on your bicycle that can be scanned by partnering organizations to link your property back to you.

Whether a bicycle is recovered/turned over by the City of Columbus, The Ohio State University, or COTA, this unified system will help lost bicycles find their way home.

Registration Options

  1. Register online.
  2. Call 614-645-8366 to register by phone and have materials mailed to your home address.

Bug Installation

Read all instructions first!

  • Clean the surface on the bike with the included alcohol prep pad of one of the suggested locations (option 1 or 2). Avoid covering the serial number on the bike with the sensor.
  • In a well ventilated area, utilizing the included mixing palette and wood stick, stir together the epoxy from both sides of the included epoxy packet on a card or piece of paper.
  • Apply a liberal amount of the epoxy mixture to the included RFID Sensor on one of the flat sides using the wood stick. Do this within 1-2 minutes of mixing the epoxy. Place the sensor epoxy side down on the bicycle at your cleaned chosen location. Let the epoxy dry approximately 5-10 minutes before touching. Discard all used supplies in a safe location.
  • Store the included bar code in a safe location.

* Please use care to avoid the epoxy, not getting it on your skin eyes or clothes. Use in a well ventilated area.

Theft Prevention Tips

Lock your bicycle to a bike rack whenever possible. Small trees, aluminum and wooded posts or chain link fences can easily be cut. The City of Columbus offers a variety of secure bicycle parking options:

  • Racks: Typically is a standard hitching post, inverted-U or other design often found along sidewalks.
  • Shelters: A series of bike racks under a roof structure. These amenities also commonly offer features such as maps, repair tools and vegetated green roofs.
  • Corrals: A series of bike racks in a portion of the street protected by posts, rubber blocks and markings.
  • Locker: An enclosed box in which a bicycle may be secured by a user-supplied lock. To suggest additional public bike parking locations call 614-645-3111 or visit 311 Customer Service Center.

Use a U-lock together with a cable lock around both wheels for the best protection. Chain or cable locks alone are easier to cut.

Secure your bicycle in a visible and well-lit area and avoid keeping bicycles outside overnight.

Once your bicycle is locked, remove any valuable/detachable items (light, helmets, odometers).

If the bicycle is being stored in a garage, ensure that the garage is closed when not in use.

Engrave, paint or otherwise personalize your bicycle in discrete locations (below seat or on handle bars).

Take a picture of your bicycle and keep it for your records

What to Do If Your Bicycle Is Lost or Stolen

Have your bicycle information ready (i.e. make, model, color, serial number)

File a report with the Columbus Division of Police online.

You will be contacted if your bicycle is recovered by a Bug Your Bike partner organization.


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