ACH Credit Transactions

The format for the ACH credit file has changed. Download the ACH Credit Guide(PDF, 506KB).

The City of Columbus, Ohio's electronic income tax payment program has been developed by the Columbus Income Tax Division facilitate electronic payments of income tax and submission of tax detail by taxpayers and 3rd party payroll processors.

The ACH Credit Electronic Filing Program uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to facilitate the transfer of taxpayer dollars from their bank account to the City's bank account. The taxpayer is responsible for making the arrangements for ACH Credit payments with their financial institution. Any costs associated with the initiation of that transmission are the taxpayer's responsibility.

The tax detail data is also transferred along with the payment using an ACH addenda record or an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice Transaction Set. The tax detail included in the ACH payment will ensure that the payment is associated to the appropriate filer and tax period. When coupled with the E-File/E-Pay application, a total electronic package for filing and paying is available.

The following electronic payment options are available to City of Columbus, Ohio employers, taxpayers and payroll processors:

  • CCD+ (Cash Concentration and Disbursement Plus Addenda)
  • CTX (Corporate Trade Exchange)

Questions regarding ACH Credit transactions can be emailed to Please note: Do not send tax documents containing personal information (e.g. SSNs) via email.