Council Grants

Each year, Columbus City Council provides grant funding to local non-profit organizations that advance Council's priorities around strengthening neighborhoods and providing pathways out of poverty for residents. There is no timeline for the consideration of grant applications; rather, grants are awarded on a rolling basis and are contingent on the availability of funding. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for a grant, organizations must have a non-profit 501(c)3 IRS designation. Applicants must provide a copy of their most recent Form 990 (if applicable).
  • Organizations must also be registered with the city's Vendor Services portal. This is not a requirement for to apply for a grant, but organizations will be unable to receive funds prior to registering as a vendor with the city. Visit this link to register in Vendor Services.

Grant Monitoring and Reporting

If selected to receive a grant, a grantee will be required to submit periodic status reports as well as a final report on the use of funds. The terms of reporting requirements will vary for grantees based upon the nature of their work and the work that Council funding will support, but will be established prior to the issuance of any grant funds.

Award Amount

While there is no restriction on the amount that an agency can request, please note that a number of factors will be considered with regard to the grant amount that organizations might receive, including overall agency funding and organizational capacity. Furthermore, demonstrating a diversification of funding streams reflects overall organizational strength and stability that would improve the evaluation of a grant application.

Reimbursement vs. Upfront Funding 

It is the city's preference that all grant funding be provided on a reimbursement basis, meaning that organizations with a grant agreement with the city would make expenditures and then submit for reimbursement. However, there is a recognition that small or newer non-profit organizations may not have the funds available to accommodate a reimbursement grant, and so in certain circumstances, Council is able to provide all or a portion of funding in advance. Organizations applying for grant funding must demonstrate the need for upfront funding rather than reimbursement funding.


Please complete the application below to request Council grant funding. Once an application is submitted, it is automatically distributed to each Councilmember office for review. Offices may follow up to request additional details or information. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application within 90 days of submission.

Click here to view form.

Once you have submitted the application, it will be directed to all Councilmember offices.