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Civil Service Commission

While our City Charter identifies several responsibilities for the Commission, we’re probably best known for our work in assisting City departments and elected officials with keeping the City’s nearly 9000 positions filled with qualified individuals making a difference in our community every day.

We are here to help! Select the tabs below to access helpful tips!

Apply in 3 easy steps

  1. Set-up an Email Address

    To sign up for job alerts or apply online you will need to have a valid email address. You can set up a free email account on a site such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL mail, etc.

  2. Create an account and establish your profile

    Go to, and click “Job Center” to expand drop-down menu and select “Manage/Create Your Online Job Profile”. If you have an account, simply sign in. If not, select “Create an account” and follow the prompts.

    Take a moment to establish your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner, selecting “Profile,” and editing the various sections.

  3. Apply for jobs!

From the “Job Center” drop-down select “View/Apply to Current Job Openings” and select your job(s) of choice. Click the green “Apply” button in the upper right-hand corner. The profile information (“Personal Info” + “Education”/”Work Experience”) you already entered in STEP 2 is what will be submitted when you submit your application!


Submitting an application online

Be sure to read the minimum qualifications that are listed in the announcement. If you feel that you meet the minimum qualifications, review your profile to make sure that it is up-to-date and contains information that shows you qualify. Submit your application before the deadline. You will receive a confirmation email if your online application has been received. We recommend that you save that notice.


Submit a Job Alert

If the job you want is not open for applications at this time, you can submit a job alert and receive a notification when it does open.

To set up job alerts click the “Submit a Job Alert” link from the Job Center drop-down, and select your categories of choice. Once finished, click the green “Subscribe” button to enter your contact information. You will be notified via email the next time we are accepting applications in your chosen job category for one year.


Online application tips

Your online application is the only source of information our staff has to determine whether or not you qualify to take an examination for a competitive class or to be considered for a position in a noncompetitive class. Missing or incomplete information in your profile may result in your application being rejected or delayed because more information is needed. To make the application process run smoothly for you, we have put together some suggestions for ensuring your applications are complete.


When it applies, check the boxes in the upper left corner of the form indicating a high school diploma (HSD) or GED, and check the appropriate box according to the type of driver’s license you hold. If you have a college degree, it is best to attach an electronic copy of your transcript and/or diploma to your profile.


Indicate any and all post-high school education you have, including the start and end dates, credit hours completed, type of degree, and the date you received your degree. If you attended college but did not graduate, fill in all the above information, but leave the degree date blank.

Indicate any training you received, such as computer certifications, automotive repair certifications, etc., but remember to include all the relevant information listed above.

If you complete additional education, or receive additional training, you should update your profile with that information.


The number of jobs that you may include in your profile is not limited. However, be sure to include all the information requested.

For each job, it is important to provide the following:

  • The complete name of your employer, including the city and state (if outside the United States, include the country)
  • Your official title, that is, the name of the position for which you were hired
  • Both the month and year you started the job
  • Both the month and year you ended the job – if you are still employed at the job leave the end date blank and answer “True” to the question “Still Employed?”
  • The name and title of your supervisor, and if possible, the phone number
  • The number of hours you worked per week (be as accurate as possible)
  • A list of specific tasks performed at this job*

*It is very important to provide a detailed list of specific tasks performed, such as collected payments for utility bills, updated client records using Excel software, completed weekly and monthly reports on utility shutoffs, answered phones. Do not use vague terms and generalized statements, such as responsible for increasing company profits, received numerous awards for customer service, served as an expert resource for technology issues. These types of statements do not give a clear picture of the type of work performed. The more specific information you provide to us, the better.

Provide all the above information for each of your jobs. However:

  • If you had different positions within the same company, treat each position as a separate job providing the information listed above for each job
  • If you worked a seasonal job for multiple years, treat each year as a separate job and include start and end dates for each year (ex. summer intern, holiday help).

If you leave a job and obtain another job, you should update your profile with that information.




Civil Service Commission Community Outreach

Test Center

Thank you for showing interest in the many job opportunities that the City of Columbus has to offer! The Civil Service Commission assures sound hiring and personnel practices in city government. We work to provide a quality work force for the City of Columbus based upon merit system principles. Please fill out the Civil Service Community Outreach form to be notified of upcoming:

  • Testing Clinics
  • City of Columbus Career Fair
  • Career Workshops

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