Income Tax FAQs

ACH Credit Transactions

  • Is there a guide on ACH/EFT transactions?
  • Can I choose between different types of ACH EFT payments?
  • Can I make one ACH Credit payment for more than one city?
  • Can the City debit my account without my knowledge or permission?
  • Is EFT required or voluntary?
  • What Constitutes Timely EFT Payment?
  • What if I have a Payroll Service Provider, can I utilize the EFT payment program?
  • What is a Taxpayer Account ID?
  • What is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?
  • What is the most common EFT payment method?
  • What methods of EFT does the City accept?
  • What steps are necessary to become an EFT taxpayer?
  • Where do I report my ACH payments on my city return?