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Published on July 18, 2023

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On Monday, July 17, the City of Columbus launched a new, fresh and innovative design on its website, This new website features a modern look and feel, improved mobile compatibility and enhanced search functionality. In addition, the website has been better organized so that users can access the services and information they need more quickly.

“The new has been structured so that our residents can access the resources they need in a faster, more efficient way – dramatically reducing digital barriers and ensuring that everyone has a better experience when engaging with their local government,” said Mayor Andrew J. Ginther.

Among other upgrades, the new features:

  • A streamlined, service-centric navigation menu informed by website analytics, user testing and community feedback,
  • A mobile-responsive design that optimizes viewing on any device – desktop, tablet and mobile – accounting for the fact that over half of visitors access the website using a mobile device,
  • An automatic translation tool for Spanish, French, Somali, Arabic and Nepali, and
  • Improved web accessibility for a more digitally inclusive experience.

The transition from the old website to the new website will continue over the next several months. The 300 webpages that have been migrated to-date account for 80% of all traffic to the city website. Content on both the new and old websites will be maintained until all of the designated webpages have been migrated over to the new website. The old website will eventually be retired in early 2024 once content migration is complete.

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