Strategic Welcoming Plan, 2022-2025

Strategic Welcoming Council Launch

Central Ohio's Plan for Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees, Strategic Welcoming Plan, 2022-2025

Strategic Welcoming Council Launch Columbus City Council and partners launched "Central Ohio's Plan for Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees," a multi-sector, comprehensive plan to reduce barriers for immigrants and refugees in our community, on Tuesday, March 29, 2022. This strategic plan aims to outline strategies for local governments and organizations to better welcome and support immigrants as refugees, as well as a way for the community to get active in welcoming.

The Gateways for Growth Initiative of Central Ohio was awarded technical assistance and a spot in the 2021 Gateways for Growth Initiative Cohort. Over the past year there was a steering committee including members from local government, private business from multiple sectors, non-profit organizations, and community members formed to host discussions, create surveys, and cultivate partnerships that will ultimately lead to implementation of the strategies outlined in the Welcoming Plan.

Columbus City Councilmember Emmanuel V. Remy and Franklin County Commissioner Kevin Boyce partnered with Nadia Kasvin of US Together and Guadalupe Velasquez of Welcoming City to run the initiative, who have strong ties and deep roots in immigration and welcoming work.

Thank you to our national partners Welcoming America and American Immigration Council for leading the National Gateways for Growth Initiative and selecting Central Ohio as one of ten communities to complete this program.

Next steps include implementation and conversation with the community to achieve goals and fulfill the recommendations from the Welcoming Plan. Please reach out to Averi Townsend at or visit this page to learn about future events and ways to get involved with the Strategic Welcoming Plan.

Strategic Welcoming Plan 2022-2025