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Please note: 
We are experiencing higher-than-usual call volume. There are self-service options available 24/7 on Columbus Revenue Service Portal (CRISP) at including secure messaging and our chatbot OTUS. 

Telephone Numbers:

CRISP Help Line (614) 645-8899
Business Withholding (614) 645-8368
Business Net Profit (614) 645-8328
Delinquent Accounts (614) 645-8152
Hotel/Motel Excise Tax (614) 645-7865
Individual Accounts (614) 645-7646
Other Questions (614) 645-7370

Secure Messaging:
Log into your tax account at and click on “More” then click “View and Send Messages”. When you communicate with us by secure message, we will do all we can to respond to your message promptly. 


To ensure the safety and security of your personal information, we do not accept customer information or respond via email. Instead, we invite you to visit our website at, where you can send secure web messages and interact with our chatbot OTUS 24/7. Alternately, you can contact us by phone during normal business hours 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Emails from authorized government agencies may be sent to [email protected].  We take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously and appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the highest level of security. Thank you for your understanding.