Clean Energy Columbus Releases Rate

Published on April 11, 2023

Sidewalk and Homes in the Merion Village Neighborhood

The City’s Clean Energy Columbus aggregation program is headed into its third year. Starting June 2023, the program rate will be $.07990 per kWh, less than a 1% increase from the previous program year and a difference of less than $1 on an average monthly bill.

“Clean Energy Columbus allows residents an affordable option for energy that is also fully sustainable,” said Mayor Andrew J. Ginther. “This is a big step toward helping the city reach carbon neutrality by 2050, a critical step for the health and well-being of our residents.” 

The program is supplied by 100% clean energy through renewable energy credits. To date the program has used nearly 24 billion kWh of clean energy, the equivalent of over 1.7 million trees growing for 10 years or removing 2.2 million cars from our roads. The program supports the Columbus Climate Action Plan strategy to transition to clean energy sources and helps meet specific targets to reduce emissions and pollution in Columbus.

Clean Energy Columbus has been providing Columbus residents with 100% clean energy since June 2021 after gaining overwhelming voter approval in 2020. Currently, over 184,000 customers are enrolled in the program. Clean Energy Columbus is voluntary, and customers can opt-out at any time with no fees or penalties.

To learn more about Clean Energy Columbus, get enrolled in the program, or to opt-out of the program visit


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