Assistance with Utility Bills

The City provides income-based discount programs for those who meet the requirements and even payment arrangements. Other agencies have emergency funding available for a limited time to those having difficulty paying their utility bills. Listed on this page are other ways consumers can reduce their utility bills and become more environmentally responsible.

Utility Discount Programs
Customers who participate in assistance programs such as Heap, Medicaid, SNAP & public housing may be eligible for a discount on their water/sewer bills. Seniors age 60 and older with limited income may qualify for additional programs. You can apply directly online.

Request a Special Payment Plan (SPP) for Your City Utility Bill
You can apply directly online to request a Special Payment Plan (SPP) on your City utility bills. Request an extension of one or two months on your current charges. Water/Sewer SPP Request or Power SPP Request

Please Note: any new bills that come out after the SPP is granted, are due by their own respective due dates and must be paid on time to keep your payment arrangement in place. Residential water/sewer bills are issued every three months; power bills are monthly.

High Bills and Outdoor Seasonal Watering
A high water bill can signal a problem such as a leak, or be the result of seasonal, outdoor water usage (watering the lawn or garden, washing the car, etc). The resources below should help you establish what is average, determine the cause of a high bill and reduce your water usage. Request Toilet Dye Strips

Meter Outdoor Water Use, Reduce Sewer Charges
Those using large amounts of water not entering the sewer system (outdoor watering, irrigation systems) could save by installing an auxiliary meter system. The system must be purchased, installed and maintained privately.

Meter Reading and Bill Calculation
It is recommended you check the meter and remote reader at least once a year, taking the reading from each device to compare with one another. Learn how to find and read your meter and calculate bills. This is especially useful if you receive an unusually high or low bill. Also, learn where the shut-off valve is; you may need this in an emergency if you have a water leak.

Join GreenSpot
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Home Conservation Tips
Conservation practices provide savings for your wallet while protecting the environment.

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What You Can Do to Be More Green
Simple things you can do in your own home or neighborhood to protect our environment and green your world - Keep It Clean. You may just save a little green in your wallet too by learning about GreenSpot and Columbia Gas energy efficiency programs.