Healthy Children and Safe Homes by 2040



Generations of structural racism from historical redlining, continues to impact African Americans in our community by creating inequities. Children in these communities continue to suffer from lingering health disparities caused by redlining, including safe and affordable housing, food access, education, and access to care.


Every year in Columbus, an average of 141 children have elevated lead levels. Lead exposure affects the health, safety and wellbeing of children by damaging their brain and nervous system, causing speech and hearing problems, and increasing antisocial behavior that leads to violence and incarceration. Most times, these children are poisoned right in their own homes, especially in redlined and disinvested neighborhoods where the homes are older than 1978 when lead paint was banned. All children deserve a safe house.


The Healthy Children and Safe Homes by 2040 project is a bold, collaborative intervention to prevent all children in Columbus from being lead poisoned by the year 2040. The health equity project will include multiple partners and stakeholders who will increase outreach and
education, screening and testing, workforce development, and repairs and remediation.


All children in the City of Columbus are lead free by 2040.


While we work to improve the health of all children, the Healthy Children and Safe Home by 2040 initiative will begin with three Columbus
communities where there are 7,500 kids under age 6 and 24,000 high risk units:

  • Near East/Livingston Ave. Corridor
  • Greater Linden
  • South Side


  • Lead Hazard Repairs/Remediation: $36,000,000
  • Workforce Development: $4,380,390
  • Screening/Testing Supplies: $3,119,610
  • Education and Outreach: $500,000


Columbus Public Health needs your help to address
racism and protect the health of all children. To make
a donation to the Creating Healthy Children and Safe
Houses by 2040 initiative, visit  the Foundation for Columbus Public Health.

Foundation for Columbus Public Health

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Established in 2008, the Foundation for Columbus Public Health provides flexible and sustainable funding to respond to emergent public health issues as we protect health and improve lives in the communities we serve.

The funds are used to support initiatives that go beyond the day to day scope and capacity of Columbus Public Health operations. Funds are dispersed at the discretion of the health commissioner and may include initiatives such as, but not limited to:

  • Healthy Homes and Safe Children by 2040
  • innovative pilot projects that address high priority and/or emergent needs in the community,
  • emergency response efforts,
  • equity-related initiatives, and
  • staff and community capacity building.

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