Our responsibilities are enforcing the Fire Prevention Code and providing an effective Fire Prevention Program.


Code Compliance
The City of Columbus Fire Code, in conjunction with the Ohio Fire Code is a City law that establishes minimum fire safety requirements for a wide range of activities in the City of Columbus.

Emergency Planning and Preparedness
This office assures that each building conforms to current fire codes and fire equipment is properly maintained in accordance with Ch.4 of the OFC- Emergency Planning and Preparedness.

Environmental Requests
Requests for fire incident reports, environmental requests and multiple other permits are handled through this section.

Plans Review & Witness Testing Inspection Office
This Office reviews plans for renovations and new construction, concerning fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems. All KNOX Information.

Institution, Education and Requested Inspections Office
This office accommodates request for the fire inspections of intuitions, education Facilities, daycare centers, group homes, and homes for foster care, homes for adoptions, in-home child care and businesses requiring a fire inspection for state accreditation.

Public Assembly Inspections Office
This Office includes Public Assembly inspections, Mobile Food Vendor Inspections, Pyrotechnics (Flame Effects, Fireworks) inspections and Indoor/Outdoor Events and Festivals.

High Hazards
This office is responsible for the fire inspections listed below.

  • Industrial Hazmat
  • Inspections
  • Tank Inspections
  • High Hazard Inspections
  • Hotel Motel Inspections
  • Marijuana Facilities