Cadet Program

Cadet Program


Cadet Program


Cadet Program


Cadet Program


Cadet Program


Learn what it takes to become a Columbus Police Cadet (Video)

Police Cadet Program

The police cadet program is a 3 year program for young adults interested in a career in law enforcement. Cadets will participate in an 18 week academy before transitioning to job assignments with continued education at the academy. 

These job functions will be focused on department efficiency, community engagement, crime prevention, and furthering the goals of the Columbus Division of Police while working under the supervision of Cadet Training Staff and Division Personnel.

Police Cadets will be given the necessary training and experience to increase the likelihood of success on the City of Columbus Civil Service police entrance exam with the ultimate goal of obtaining future employment with the Division of Police. Cadets are part-time division employees, earning $22.00/hr.

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The curriculum consists of:

  1. Leadership
  2. Wellness
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Physical Fitness / Defensive Tactics
  5. Introduction to Law Enforcement
  6. Division Directives, Patrol SOP Overview
  7. ORC and Legal Training
  8. Oral and Written Communication Development

Following the 18 week Cadet Academy, Cadets will rotate working in different subdivisions and participate in community events while simultaneously maintaining a physical fitness regimen, and continued education until successfully passing Civil Service testing and gaining acceptance into the Columbus Police Academy.

Cadet Eligibility Qualifications:

  • 18 years of age at time of application
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Possess a valid Driver's License

Columbus Division of Police Vision Statement:

The Columbus Division of Police will contribute to a safer city by valuing its employees and the community it serves. The Division will be dedicated to embracing change, building relationships, and treating all with dignity while upholding the law.